You Can't Cheap Out on an Imitation Yard Enforcer!

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

It's the beginning of September, and this entire month will be the time that our local geese flock up for their long flight south. As you know, I don't want the flock in my yard, and have gone to great lengths to make sure the giant poopers do their business in someone else's yard.

So far, so good.

The dark sentinels watching over my yard covering the north and south ends are ever silent in their presence until someone or something shows up in their crosshairs. The all seeing eye on each faces east, directly out to Houghton Lake, and watches the shoreline 180 degrees from north to south. The spray, when triggered, makes nearly a 360 degree swipe around a 35 foot radius, around once and back again to its start. You could also switch the unit to night view, or combination day and night if you have unwanted critters coming into your yard at all times.

In my opinion, the Yard Enforcer is WAAAYYYY cool!

I took my time in selecting this particular model of motion censored yard sprinklers, and read all the reviews available on many of the models offered. The Yard Enforcer was more expensive than some, and even though I was tempted to go with a cheaper version, I stuck with what the people buying them were saying.

Reviews revealed that the Yard Enforcer did not have a super sensitive motion censor so birds flying by, or leaves blowing in the trees didn't trigger it to go off. Being it is a battery powered unit, I could imagine a cheaper model burning through batteries every day, so that was the deciding factor for me.

The shoreline has been pretty active with vacationers this summer which has also helped keep the geese away, but recently I have noticed more geese eyeballing our luscious green lawn from afar. Many times, I ran for my camera as a flock of 10 or so geese would flare for a landing only to swim over to the neighbor's place.

YES!!! The Yard Enforcer has won this battle of the geese for sure! The geese hate my sentinels. Absolutely hate them!

Thinking the goose stories were all but over, I was surprised when I heard the distinct sound of a Yard Enforcer going off last weekend.

Wandering to the picture window facing the lake, I searched the yard for an unwanted encroacher, or perhaps the neighbor playing in the sprinklers again. Instead, I saw nothing but the sun glistening off the calm waters of Houghton Lake.

Then I heard it again! And AGAIN!

It wasn't my yard!

"OH what fun," I thought. "The neighbors to the north got a Yard Enforcer!"

With all the sprinkler action going on, I figured they were busy adjusting the sprinkler head and testing the unit, so I walked out to see for myself what was going on.

Not a soul wandered any of the yards to the north.

Not a bird flew by.

Barely a breeze could be felt, it was such a calm morning.

But why was that sprinkler going off?

I peered over at the sprinkler watching it and noticed it had a yellow body whereas mine was all black. The sprinkler had a motion censor similar to the Yard Enforcer, but the whole unit wasn't nearly as burly looking.

It had to be one of those cheap knock-offs I had read about, and it SUCKED!

The thing had been going off every minute or so, busily spraying air all morning. It sure sounded as though it was doing its job protecting the yard, but by the time this thing needs to do battle against the geese, its batteries will be dead.

The moral of this story is, DON"T CHEAP OUT ON AN IMITATION YARD ENFORCER! They don't work!

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