What’s Your Mission?

I first heard the phrase, “what’s your mission?” from airport manager, Eric Jaroch, when discussing the type of aircraft one should buy. More recently, I realized this same phrase applies to flying regularly, too.

I can’t tell you how often we decide not to go flying because we don’t have a mission.

As is often relayed at club meetings, flying around the same area all the time gets boring! If all you’re doing is getting three landings in, what happens after that? Being you have a full 90-days before you ‘have’ to fly again, what else entices a pilot to go for a ride?

Flying without a mission means not getting regular flight time which leads to ineptness behind the yoke. AOPA realizes the importance of having a mission to help keep pilots proficient and safe, and they’ve created a fun way to accomplish it.

Have you heard about the Pilot Passport Program? If not, it’s a handy-dandy, downloadable app created by AOPA to encourage pilots to go flying more often. Using the app to ‘check in’ at all types of airports and/or flying events and upload aerial photos, pilots earn points towards winning monthly challenges, as well as fulfill badges (bronze, silver, & gold) while completing their own flying missions. The more points you earn, the higher the levels you will unlock!

Doesn’t this sound like a fun way to get more flying time in?

This month the “2021 Pilot Passport October Haunted Heights Challenge” invites pilots to check in at as many G and E airports as possible this month. The three pilots with the most check-ins will each win a complete instrument rating online course from Sporty’s worth $249.00.

Adding to the fall mission, AOPA also proposes an aerial photo challenge inviting pilots to upload photos of corn mazes throughout the U.S. using the Pilot Passport app. AOPA reminds pilots who are flying over mazes to, “Fly at a safe and courteous altitude and employ those skills you learned from practicing ground reference maneuvers. Pay attention to airspeed, altitude, and coordination while you look outside. Be a good neighbor – don’t buss around for too long.”

Will you be accepting this month’s challenge? All entries must be in by 11:59 pm on October 31, 2021. I hope you do!

Let me know how it’s going, won’t you?

Thanks so much for reading!

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