We have a cricket infestation!

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

I really don’t understand what the deal is. I get rid of the geese pooping all over my yard at home only to have a problem with crickets moving into the office.

I believe they have decided our office is a nice, cozy place to procreate!

But before I get into the end of the story, let me tell you a little backstory first.

It started about two weeks ago. There was a lone cricket singing away in the office. Being I am fond of cricket songs and frog songs, I was quite upset when my office assistant, Codi, wanted to bug bomb the place.

“Noooo!” I cried. “He’s not hurting anyone.”

Always the voice of reason, Codi pointed out that perhaps we should double check to see if crickets were considered harmful to humans or animals. Relenting, since he did have a valid point, this is what we learned…

First, and most importantly:

Crickets are NOT harmful to people or pets, but they like to nibble on clothing so they could be a nuisance if you had them in your house.

“Seeeeee?” I said. Being we didn’t store clothing at the office, I didn’t see the harm in letting the little guy stick around. But then I worried about him dying due to lack of food. What in the world would he eat in an office?

The internet taught me that crickets could live a very long time indoors eating animal remains (if you consider dead bugs as animal remains), plant matter, and pesky insect pupae and larvae. Jiminy could prove useful by eating up any dead bugs in the office. Bonus, right?

I also learned they are:

· Considered good luck charms in China

· Beloved for their songs in Japan

· Used as watchdogs in Asia

· Signs of hope and wealth in Brazil or of illness or death depending on the species

· Beloved characters - a Charles Dicken’s guardian angel, and Disney Movie favorites; Pinnochio’s, Jiminy Cricket and Mulan’s, Cri-Kree.

· Only the Male crickets sing, and each one has their own, unique playlist! Male crickets sing to attract a mate, they sing during courtship, sing when they win their mate, and sing to intimidate other males.

· Crickets are also known to sing more when the weather is going warm up, and they are proven temperature gauges. According to Farmer’s Almanac, if you count the number of chirps in 14 seconds and add 40, it will tell you the current temperature outside.

Besides all these fascinating cricket facts, I also learned they are loaded with protein, and are considered to be a super food in other countries. But honestly, how could you consider eating Jiminy Cricket!

Being crickets are considered to be lucky, I let Codi know we must not kill the little guy. Instead, we needed to catch him and let him go.

The next day, Jiminy had a friend singing with him. Nice… a duet, right?

Codi gave me one of those, “Hello??? DO SOMETHING!” looks and said, “Don’t you think we have a problem now?”

“Nah…” I told him. “It will be fine. A couple crickets never hurt anybody.”

The next day I came to work to silence. I didn’t have to wonder what happened for very long as Codi explained. They had caught the cricket and let him go outside, just like I wanted them to do.

“How nice they didn’t kill little Jiminy Cricket,” I thought.

Not a minute later, my husband came into the office and said, “Did you hear Brian killed that cricket?”

Codi said, “Ummm… yeah. I wasn’t going to tell her that part.”

By the end of last week, there was one murdered cricket, but we had caught and released 3 others. And let me tell you… they are BIG crickets! So big you have to wonder if they aren’t some sort of mutated, nuclear power plant crickets with super powers.

Regardless of them being mutated or not, I left for the weekend thinking we had a good handle on the cricket situation.

I wasn’t prepared for coming back to the office this week!

· Maybe they found a stash of dead bugs over the weekend and decided to invite all their friends to a Labor Day Weekend Office Party?

· Maybe they were so busy procreating last week that a bunch of babies hatched over the weekend?

· Or maybe they were getting even with us office folks because we killed Jiminy last week?

Whatever the reason, you would have thought it was a hot summer night of cricket breeding going on in the office on Tuesday mornning because those little Romeo’s were LOUD!

"So much for being a good watchdog," I thought. "Aren’t they are supposed to be silent when someone walks by?"

Not these crickets.

I walked in, and Codi said, “We have a problem!”

Holy cow, he was right!

I sat down for about 30 minutes of cricket songs and we had to yell over the noise because they were so loud. When they didn’t quiet down, I fired up my favorite shopping application and looked up the best bug bombs and sprays to use in order to get rid of Field Crickets.

Lucky charms or not, they would have to go!

Armed with a gallon jug of Ortho Home Defense, the plan was set for a mass execution of the little buggers by the end of the day.

Today we came in to silence, and although I feel a little remorseful for killing crickets, I couldn't think of anything else to get rid of them.

If they come back alive in the next few days, we will know for sure that they were mutated, nuclear power plant crickets after-all, and hopefully they won't eat our brains!

What would you have done?

P.S. If you have Spider-Crickets or Camel-Crickets in your house, you need to get rid of them STAT! See the link for the story below.

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HOLY CRAP! Are they Spider Crickets?! YIKES! https://www.hollandsentinel.com/zz/shareable/20161110/spider-crickets-bugs-you-dont-want-in-your-house-this-fall

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