The Wood Ducks Have Returned

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

With the ice seemingly half melted on Houghton Lake and the flats, I was shocked to spot a half dozen Wood Ducks already back for the spring mating season! I guess they were in a hurry to get onto warmer weather just like me!

This beautiful young drake seemed to love his photo-op as the rest of his crew blasted off for cover in the marsh. I swear he could read my mind as I gasped in delight at how gorgeous he was.

Finally having enough of my ogling, he flew off with the the rest of the Wood Ducks.

It's great to know we will be seeing more Wood Duck hatchlings this summer in the flats. Grabbing a good shot of these shy birds makes me feel as if I won the lottery!

Have you ever gotten a picture of a Wood Duck?

Thanks so much for stopping by. Look for more spring wildlife shots to come!

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