The Scoop on the Poop Situation

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

I know I have already reported, "The Final Gab on the Geese," but I am getting a lot of requests to know exactly what has happened since.

So here’s the scoop on the poop situation!

To catch you up, I last reported that I had to move the yard enforcer under cover of the trees because the hot summer sun was causing it to malfunction. Moving it over to one side of the lawn allowed an opening for those big goons to enter the yard from the south. I caught them before they soiled the entire lawn, but I still had to decide what to do about the weak spot in my defense system.

As mentioned, I was going to try stuffing a dummy and set it in one of the lawn chairs on that side of the yard, but ended up buying another yard enforcer instead. The unit makes it easy to add another one to the line with extra hose connections, so that’s what I did.

Yard Enforcer In Action

Having full coverage of the lakefront, I proceeded to warn the neighbors of my goose deterring efforts since they sometimes wander onto our property. I didn’t want them thinking I was purposely spraying them to keep them away.

They had visitors the weekend I was hooking up the 2nd yard enforcer, and as they visited on their patio, I could hear soft murmurings of, “What is she doing over there?”

I adjusted the spray and reset the sprinkler head several times before calling it good, then went to have a little chat with the neighbors.

“Okay, Larry,” I said, gaining everyone’s attention at once. “I just wanted to warn you about my new goose deterrents so you don’t get hosed.”

My warning had the two couples out of their lawn chairs and standing at the edge of the patio deck, all very excited to hear about the gadgets in my yard.


“Goose deterrents?”


“What are those things, anyway?”

I informed them of the last goose strike our shoreline had endured while they were away. Even though they hadn’t been up to enjoy the turd piles before the rain washed it all away, I quickly had four people shaking their heads in agreement that we had a goose problem.

I pointed out all the ways in which our combined four properties were spending money in an effort to deter the big birds, but nothing was working. As a matter of fact, I still get people thinking the newest cat cutouts sitting along the shore are real cats until they have no luck getting them to come when called. They may fool people, but not the geese!

The neighbor’s soon wanted to know how the gadgets in my lawn were going to fix the problem, so I hauled Larry, a willing guinea pig, out in the lawn to witness the Yard Enforcer in action.

Waving my hand in front of the all-seeing-eye, which by the way, only sees 180 degrees of the yard. The sprinkler head jolted into action making a quick circle of deterring water spray 35 feet in all directions, from left to right and back again.

“Wow! What’s that called?”

“Where did you find that?”

“How much was it?”

“That should work!”

The exclamations had me grinning much like the Cheshire Cat would knowing he had the answer to Alice's problems, and had all the time in the world to explain.

As the weekend progressed, so did the neighbor’s company… and so did the visits to my front lawn to see the yard enforcer in action.

I tell you what, I haven’t been this amused in years! Every weekend passes with another group of people dancing in front of the yard enforcer to get it working, and so far, the 4 AA batteries inside have held up fine!

Since I have had the Yard Enforcers on the front line:

I have watched the geese swim by without stopping in my yard.

I have watched the geese go to the neighbor’s lawn.

I have watched kids of all ages playing in my cool, motion detector sprinklers.

But I have never once witnessed the Yard Enforcer deter a goose.

Until I come home to a yard full of goose poop, I am going to conclude that the Yard Enforcer has done its job. I highly recommend spending the $70 for a Yard Enforcer to deter geese.

Just know it does NOTHING to deter your fun-seeking, party-going neighbors!

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