The Revenge of Mother Goose

It was August 2, 2019 when I posted the first Blogpost, "Get the Flock Off My Lawn!"

Geese had been raising their young on our lakeside property, defiling the lawn with fecal matter at a rate of 5 gallons per day.

Spending approximately $400.00 on goose deterring gadgets left us with a promising solution by the end of last summer when the Yard Enforcer graced our shoreline.

I bragged…

I boasted…

I felt triumphant and relieved as the motion-activated deterrents kept Mother Goose and her lawn-defiling gaggle off my turf!

The neighbor’s observed our results with envy, and soon joined the battle with their own spraying sentinels.

And so it seemed the war on the West Shore had surely been won!

Spring 2020

I worried over my precious defenders after having to install them early in the season. All it would take would be one good frost to crack its internal components and make leaky mincemeat of its working parts.

Draining the waterlines every evening just to be sure, I worked the nozzles over every morning to confirm they still worked - usually getting soaked in the process.

On lawn care days, the hoses lying across the top of the grass are heavy and cumbersome to drag out of range of hungry mower blades. Pulling them back into position creates knots and kinks that grate on your nerves as well as loosens up the attachment nuts for a cold, wet spray in the face until it is tightened and put back into position on the front lines.

Satisfied that my soldiers were in good working order after every mowing, it is with utter disbelief that Mother Goose returns daily with her 2020 brood! Surely, she is back to revisit the soft, lush grass I have been cultivating with Jerry Baker’s book of lawn and garden tips since the snow melted away.

How is she trespassing, and why aren’t my soldiers blocking her from our boundaries?!

[Troubleshooting guide for the Yard Enforcer.]

“It’s the batteries!” I declared at the first incident. “This last batch of batteries seems to be running out quicker than they should, so it must be the batteries.”

Switching out the sets in both Yard Enforcers with the only AA’s on hand, it seemed that the bad batteries theory continued on through the first two weeks of May.

“It’s the sun!” I alleged as the new batteries only made a slight difference in the Yard Enforcer’s capability to do its job. “It says right in the instructions that they don’t work in temperatures above 120 degrees Fahrenheit. When the sun shines on it all day, it doesn’t take long for the black unit to heat up and malfunction.”

Buying little umbrella’s to be mounted above the motion detector sprinkler heads seems like a good idea, but it has been too windy to install them. Surely, they will be missing in action after the first slight gust by doing a “Mary Poppins” all the way across the lake!

The Revenge of Mother Goose has ensued ever since the Yard Enforcer’s failure. Every day, we chase away 3-5 families of geese that continually raid our shoreline, eating and pooping everywhere!

And every day, we come home to a polluted lawn followed by exclamations of, “Drop that turd!” to the turd loving mongrels we live with.

With plans to bury the hose lines feeding the yard enforcers to make lawn care days easier, the reliability of this product has left us wondering if we should continue the search for a different solution instead.

After an additional $131.00 spent on yet another gadget that’s on its way from Amazon’s goose deterring section, we will soon be trying the Bird Repeller on old Mother Goose in hopes she will soon be staying off our lawn!

I hope it works because I don’t really want to buy the coyote.

Have you had any success at deterring geese? If so, would you mind sharing in the comments below?

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