The Post-Surgery Pants Dilemma

Just 6 weeks out from another surgery, I finally felt a little more like myself. Not quite ready to go, but better.

After hearing news of my improvement, a friend texted, “I’m ready to get out! Let’s go try on some new jeans. You ready?”

Looking down at my 6-year-old post-surgery pants I replied, “I’m still in sweatpants…”

Taking it in stride, she replied, “We’ll go to Walmart!” followed by a line of laughing emoji’s.

Every week since this latest surgery I pull my surgery pants out of the dryer, fold them up, and place them back in the dresser where I keep all my stretchy, workout pants. Not too long ago, they were stuffed at the bottom of the pile.

I originally bought my surgery pants from Walmart about 6 years ago when the Orthopedics’ post-surgery instructions recommended I purchase loose fitting pants to wear after hip, labral repair surgery. I needed something loose enough to fit bulky bandages and ice packs underneath.

Being the surgery was during the winter months, I purchased three pair of thick sweatpants with a drawstring waist in case I had trouble keeping them up. Being one size bigger than my size, they are never the first pair of loose fitting pants I reach for unless it’s because I’ve had surgery. And over the last 6 years I’ve undergone 6 of them!

You see, the dilemma is I’ve been toying with the idea of getting rid of my surgery pants. Why, you ask being they have come in so handy over the past 6 years?

Here are the reasons I have come up with:

1. They are sweatpants, and the only time I wear these particular oversized loungers is after a surgery.

2. Even folded they take up a lot of space in my dresser.

3. Like getting rid of your ‘fat jeans’ so you won’t end up back into them, I’m thinking if I get rid of my surgery pants, I won’t need another surgery. Maybe these pants are just plain bad luck!

4. They are starting to look worn out.

The only thing that’s keeping me from tossing these pants in the trash is… what if I need them again?! I know I don’t ever want to go through another surgery again, but sometimes you don't have a choice.

Another reason I’m hanging on to these pants is, I haven’t seen this same style since I bought them. Even though I've tried some new ones during last year’s shoulder surgery, they weren’t near as comfy as these. Had I not had my old stand-bys on hand, I don’t know what I would’ve done because I couldn’t button or zip my pants for over 6 months!

The current shape of my surgery pants (pet hair aside):

-Currently, the black pair look about the best, but they act like a magnet for pet hair. And as you know, I have dogs and cats sitting in my lap all the time.

-The turquoise surgery pants are looking a bit like an old sweater. You know how fleece gets kind of funny looking over time? Not pilled, but worn.

-The gray surgery pants are also looking worn out like the turquoise pair, and worse, they also have light paint splatters down the legs and burn marks from the dryer.

All in all, none of my surgery pants are threadbare yet, but I would imagine they will be soon if I keep needing them.

Maybe I should just get it over with and toss them out!

What would you do?

Thanks so much for reading!

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