The Kirtland's Warbler

Making the endangered species list in 1967, the Kirtland's Warbler songbird population, once down to a mere 400 birds has rebounded after years of conservation.

In an effort to help the Warbler Festival maintain the conservation program and find helpful support and donations to protect this rare bird, I spent the weekend filming for a virtual tour that will be airing live on ZOOM June 5th, 2021.

It was an absolute gorgeous weekend to hike about the Meridian Boundary burn area. Walking along the dirt road in hopes of spotting a "firebird" up close, it wasn't long at all before the male Kirtland's were spotted, boldly staked out their mating territory by singing from the tops of dead tree snags within the dense, jack pine area.

Although the females were unseen - possibly still on their 1,500 mile flight back from their winter home in the Bahamas, it won't be long before these ground nesters quiet as the 2021 breeding season gets underway.

Having 90-95% of this tiny species come home to their favorite breeding grounds in northern, lower Michigan makes this rare songbird one that every birder would want to check off their list!

If you're a birder that would like to learn more about the Kirtland's Warbler, I encourage you to sign-up for the virtual tour SOON!

For more information or to discover ways in which YOU can help, email directly to, or visit the Kirtland Warbler Festival Facebook page at They really are in need of your HELP!

Send donations via PayPal to:

I will be posting high resolution images of the Kirtland's Warbler on Fine Art America soon, so stay tuned!

Thanks so much for reading!


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