The Five Mantras to Living

My chickens are great when you need a little therapy. Just go in the pen, have yourself a seat on the stump, and hand feed them awhile.

Sometimes all you need is a sharp peck to banish any brooding thoughts from your mind. As you watch them peck and scratch, ever so meticulously, it’s like a balm to your wearied brains. Slowly, you feel tightened muscles relaxing around your neck and shoulders.

After a few minutes, one waddles over as if asking, “You okay mom?”

Ahhhh… my sweet chickens are a blessing in disguise. They are my escape when things are tough. And putting forth all the effort to make sure their coop is clean, that they are safe and warm during these cold winter days and nights, and that they are well fed and watered every day brings one back to thinking about the simplest aspects of life.

The five mantras to live by, I learned it from my chickens.

Number 1 - Are you fed?

Number 2 - Are you watered?

Number 3 - Are you warm?

Number 4 - Are you safe?

Number 5 - Are you happy?

All the other crap that fills in the edges of life really doesn’t matter.

Happy New Year, everyone! Thanks for reading.

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