The Chicken's Great Escape!

This story is dedicated to Abbey-bird, my sweet Buff Orpington and little brooder who mysteriously died sometime yesterday. It appears she may have flown into the metal food can and broke her neck, but we are uncertain as to how exactly she died. The rest of the birds are now quiet and in mourning. It is so sad. Even this morning, they didn’t greet me at the screen door like usual.

Cozy and warm, I rolled over nestling deeper under the covers and thinking, what day is it? As the sleepiness cleared, I stretched my arms overhead enjoying the fact I had finally slept all night, but in an instant, the feelings fled after focusing on my watch. It was already after 7:00am on a workday. I was late!

Bursting out of bed, I hurried to feed the dogs and cats their breakfast, grabbed a giant cup of coffee gulping the scalding brew down as fast as possible, then hit the shower grumbling about having missed my morning workout. Zooming through my morning abolitions, I hurried out the door spilling half of my second cup of coffee along the way. Loading up the dogs for work, we made a quick pit stop to say good morning to the girls, then blasted down the road for a hurried drive to work.

Along the way, I remembered my lunch sitting in the refrigerator, and had forgotten to fill a water bottle for the day. It was going to be one of those days… grumble.

As predicted, the day continued as it started… harried and rushed. Feeling behind at every step, I couldn’t wait to get myself home to unwind.

After counting the minutes of the last two hours at work, I was finally home and settled into my comfy clothes for a relaxing evening. Throwing on my muck boots, I headed over to collect the eggs and say hi to the girls with husband in tow. As you know, he loves to see my therapy chickens too!

As soon as the door opened the girls began their happy clucking. Kind of like dogs greeting us at the door, the entire flock paced behind their screen door eager for our visit. Most likely because they know I’m going to give them snacks!

So, remember how I told you in The Terrible Coop Catastrophe about the dusting powder being all over the garage from the chickens rolling in their dust bath? Well… having gotten halfway across the garage we noticed chicken prints all over the hood of my husband’s 1972 Corvette.

Standing out like a sore thumb… big toe prints in that white powder revealed the sparkling blue paint underneath. And it appears as though one of the chickens had slipped off the car’s hood as the feather pattern attests to one catching their balance while toppling off the car’s sleek curves.

Someone flew the coop!

“Uh oh,” I said, giggling.

“They got out!” my husband barked. “How did they get out?”

While he scanned the garage for loose chickens, I counted the feathered females that clucked excitedly in the enclosure.

“I count eight birds,” I said to my husband.

Not able to believe all eight birds stood innocently within their enclosure, door closed, he counted twice. “Yep, eight birds,” he said, “But how did they get out, and back in again?”

Retracing my steps through the morning rush, I remembered when I closed the screen it had a bit of a gap along the back wall, but I left it thinking the girls wouldn’t notice. What’s more, it appears the girls got out and investigated the entire pole building since there were wet blobs of chicken poop all over the place. Just like my dogs, they can tell time, and got back where they belonged before our evening visit.

Luckily, they didn’t poop on the car. Otherwise, they might’ve found themselves in hubby’s new Smoker Grill!

While entering the enclosure, both Maddie and Gertie beelined it out of the enclosure as if they owned the place.

“There are the guilty ones, right there!” my husband exclaimed. “Look, none of the others are going out.”

And he was right. None of the other chickens seemed to care that that the screen door was open. They were content staying safely within the enclosure. But boy were they clucking and carrying on as if telling me all about what happened that day.

Grabbing the bag of quack snacks, I shook the bag and like dogs, my two explorers came running back inside, hopping and pecking greedily at the bag as if saying, “Hurry up and open it!”

They’re so darn cute!

After that day, I double check the enclosure door even if I’m running late. I’d hate for one of them to get hurt in the garage or get into trouble with dad from scratching or pooping on his car!

It won’t be long until they will be able to go back outside, and let me tell you… winter has been way too long for my girls. Like me, they can’t wait to get out in the sunshine and play in the dirt!

Until next time…

Thanks so much for reading!

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