The Bufflehead Are Back! That Means Spring is HERE!

It was a beautiful weekend in Houghton Lake, Michigan!

Along with the warm, sunny days, the ice on Houghton Lake began its big meltdown causing all kinds of holes to open up both on the lake, and on nearby rivers, streams and waterways... which makes this area one stellar location to capture some gorgeous wildlife shots.

Of course, I couldn't start this year's migration season posts without first offering a glimpse of my favorite little ducks. The Bufflehead are back for a brief period as they head their way back north to nest in Canada. Although I still have yet to see the fuzzy, ping-pong ball sized ducklings these little dipsy-divers hatch, I am content with the knowledge I will see the full-grown version of them every spring and every fall.

Feast your eyes on these little beauties!

Thanks so much for tagging along. Look for more wildlife shots to come soon!

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