Red-tailed Hawk Scouts Lunch

Sunday's wildlife drive produced all kinds of duck photo opportunities and I was thrilled with the results. Just when I didn't think the day could get any better, a Red-tailed Hawk zoomed into view, hovering over the flats in Houghton Lake... obviously looking for lunch!

Scouting along the waterway, her wings would angle and adjust in order to get a better view of the ground below. Like a ballerina in air, her wings would bend and arc so beautifully it was hard to stop watching!

This beauty rode the thermals so elegantly, it's hard to believe she can turn into a bullet of death and destruction within a second's time.

When she posed in this dive attitude, I wondered if I would actually have a chance to capture her swooping down to snag a mouse.

Unfortunately, no such luck this day. At least I was able to capture these gorgeous shots.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek! Look for more to come soon.

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