Please Stop Me From This Newest Obsession!

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Why in the world do people start collecting things anyway?

My grandma was a notorious collector of everything! She had boxes stashed in her closets, under the beds, in the sheds… all filled with various collections of items. For example, she collected metal lunchboxes, and they were filled with oodles of those Trollz dolls – you know, those cute little troll figures with the colored hair? She also had boxes filled with action figures, stuffed animals, and keychains. I can’t remember how many hundreds of pairs of scissors we found in her house after she passed away, but it was an incredible amount that we still laugh about today.

I guess being a child from the depression era made her a bit crazy about saving and collecting things, but I can’t claim that as an excuse for myself. The only thing I can say is that some of grandma’s obsession rubbed off on me through the years. Yeah, that’s it!

I can’t really nail it down to one reason why I like to collect things though. Sometimes it’s nostalgia or it just plain makes me happy. Sometimes it’s like a new decorating fad. These feelings don’t last long, but for a little bit, whatever ‘it’ is makes me feel happy, and who doesn’t like to feel happy?

It’s usually a lot of fun searching for whatever items I have decided to collect, too. Much like a treasure hunt.

At one time, I used to collect cows. Over the years, I had accumulated so many cows I could’ve started my own beef farm, but it really wasn’t all my fault. You see, once the word got out, everyone bought me cows. It wasn’t just one cow here and there, either. There were so many cows that the collection quickly outgrew my house. The next thing you knew, I was getting cows for my yard. I got a cow mailbox, cow window decorations, and even a cow sprinkler. Then it started getting personal. I received cow T-shirts, cow pajama’s, cow coffee cups, cow dishes, cow birthday cards, cow bathroom stuff… you name it, I got it.

After awhile, I decided that I had enough cows and although it was fun getting the wild cow stuff, I was over it. It took a few years for everyone to catch on, but finally, the cow era had come to an end.

Besides cows, I have had a collection of blue dishes, frogs, turtles, nutcrackers, ornaments, vhs & dvd movies, books, and some antique dishes. Not near the sizeable collections my grandma had, but collections all the same.

One collection I wish I still had is the children’s books from when the kids were little. I loved the children’s books with their bright colors and thick covers. I got them wherever I could find them; from book clubs, bookstores, and rummage sales... and the collection soon outgrew the shelves. I hung on to them long after the kids quit reading them, but because we didn’t have a lot of room I decided to sell them all in a rummage sale.

They were beautifully displayed much like in the children’s section at a library. When shoppers started picking through the pile, I began to feel a bit nauseous.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have put them out,” I thought.

When a lady who owned a daycare wanted to buy the whole lot, I just about cried. As I boxed them up and carried them out to her car, I kept telling myself they were going to a good home. Other children were going to enjoy them, too. Hopefully as much as my own kids had.

Thoughts of toddlers chewing on the corners and ripping pages haunted my mind, but it was a done deal. They were sold, and I wouldn’t have to haul them back home, or find a space for them anymore. It was good thing… right?

I guess part of hanging on to those books was the fact that my kids were growing up fast, and I wanted to hang on to those sweet memories where we would read books together.

Oh well! Sometimes you have to let things go so you can enjoy new things.

Things like my new SOLAR LIGHTS collection!

I know what you’re thinking… cheesy, chintzy, solar lights filling my lawn. To be honest, the same image has flooded my own mind, much like the era of those brightly colored wooden cutouts of a woman bending over filling lawns across America. Oh, how I hated those things!

But there is something magical about solar lights glowing brightly in your yard at night. Whether they light a path, or light your flower garden, they are really neat.

I especially like the colored lights, maybe because they remind me so much of Christmas… my favorite holiday.

This new obsession started with solar turtles. When the kids were around 2 and 3-years-old, we used to watch for the turtles sunning themselves on logs… a telltale sign that summer was on its way. One of the kids thought I was saying, “Look at the turtles on the hog,” and that is how we all referred to them forever after.

It was always fun to see who could spot the first turtle. Even after the kids started driving themselves to highschool, they would come home with reports of the ‘turtles on the hog.’ The memory makes me smile just about as much as my new solar lights of plastic turtles perched on plastic logs. The little solar panels collects all the sunshine they needs to make the turtle shells glow at night, and I smile all over again at the fond memories they bring.

I really thought the turtles would be enough solar lights for me, but do you know how Amazon teases you with it’s ‘similar items’ ploy? That is exactly how this simple purchase is beginning to blossom out of control and into another crazy obsession.

I went online to buy the Yard Enforcer in order to get rid of a goose problem I was having (see goose story here) and BOOM! Amazon shows me a new solar light that I might like.

The latest purchase, a crescent moon with a colored orb nestled in the center, is so cool! This solar light even came with different lightbulbs so I could change the color. I liked it so much I bought two more.

Now there is another solar light I’ve had my eye on, but every time I think about buying it, I feel like one of those people who decorates their lawn with the wooden cutouts. Yikes!

I know solar lights are in a completely different category of yard art, but will my yard look cheesy with a bunch of solar lights in it? I mean, what is the cutoff number, EXACTLY, before people categorize you with the Emoji House owner or people who leave their Christmas lights up all year around?

On the other hand, these solar lights are so pretty, and I just love them! They remind me of little fairy lights.

At one point, I was looking at an entire gnome village with little mushroom houses that light up. How cute would they be in my flowerbeds?

There are also some adorable frogs lounging in hammocks with light-up bellies. Wouldn’t they look perfect next to my turtles?

That’s it! I think I need some professional help here.

What are your thoughts?

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