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Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Living the Dream Series

When I was a child, I remember the movie, “Alice in Wonderland,” as a really weird kids movie that did nothing but confuse me. Why was Alice so bent on catching the white rabbit? Why did the Queen want to chop off Alice’s head? It seemed the whole story was a bit of a nightmare, so I was very happy to discover it was all just a dream in the end.

As an adult, I find the Disney production more fun. I can finally relax and enjoy the wonderland Lewis Carroll created, and quit trying to make sense of it all.

Much like the steps you will take in making your dreams come true, remember to try not to overthink it. Before you know it, you will look back on your accomplishments and wonder however did you make it through them, and how did you think to do them in the first place.

Not only will you have to get creative at times to keep the momentum going on your journey, but you might need a few diversions to make it exciting, too. For just this purpose, I’ve found a bit of inspiration from Lewis Carroll’s tale to help you get the ball rolling, and KEEP it rolling.

Are you ready?

Words of wisdom #1

"'Who in the world am I?' Ah, that's the great puzzle!"

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Even though this was said by Alice, ask yourself just who are you? And how are YOU going to get what you want?

In the first post, “4 Steps to Defining the Dream,” we talked about figuring out just what your dream is, explaining why you want it, how you have tied it to your talents, and how important it is to stay positive about getting what you want.

Believe it or not, there will be some nay-sayers in your life that will tell you you’re crazy for trying to accomplish something, and you will have to be strong enough not to let their words sway you.

Just remember it’s YOUR dream and YOUR life, so if anyone tries to tell you you’re nuts, then remember this.

Words of wisdom #2

“You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret: All the best people are.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

If you live every moment of your life by what other people think you should and should not do, then who, exactly, are you living for?

In the next post, “The First Time Landing an Airplane,” I shared how scary it can be to reach for a goal that you feel is so hard that sometimes you might think it’s impossible.

There are times all throughout life that will be scary, but you have to be brave. Don’t let fear paralyze you into not trying, and don’t give up before you even get started.

Being scared is a feeling. Take that feeling away, and all you have left is the power and will to do something… or not. If the task seems impossible, then maybe its time to think a little bit more like Alice so you can move ahead more optimistically.

Words of wisdom #3

"Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Believe in yourself.

Remember, the reward of accomplishing something difficult is a feeling you won’t ever want to go away, and before you know it you’ll be stacking up the next impossible goals before you.

You can do it!

In, “My First Solo Flight,” I encourage you to write out a loose list of goals that will move you closer to your big goal. I say loose because you need to keep the goals flexible so you can change your route easily when you need to.

If you’re not sure what you should do to get yourself closer to the finish line, that’s ok!

Words of wisdom #4

“If you don't know where you are going any road can take you there” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

There are no guarantees in life, but if you know that all the things you listed on your goals list will help move you closer to your dream, then follow through and see where the road takes you.

You never know when one little idea will turn into something BIG that leads you to a place you never thought you would reach.

Take a chance!

Don’t forget to talk about your goals with someone you trust. Besides my husband, my Mom & Dad were supporters throughout my entire life.

Mom was always tenacious. I guess that’s where I get that trait. To this day, I can’t shovel snow without getting every little bit of it off the driveway – just like her. She also taught me how to admit when you didn’t know something, and showed me that you have to find the answers for yourself. For example, if I would ask what a word definition was, she would say, “Look it up!” Boy, did that used to drive me crazy. I just wanted the answer right then and there. You know… like fast food. But answers in life don’t usually come quick, do they?

Dad would be a little tougher on me. If I ever said I couldn’t do something, he would argue, “Yes you can!” and he wouldn’t let me give up until I did it. When I had trouble with chemistry and algebra, he would sit down at the table with me and pour over the steps to get a solution until I understood it.

He also taught me a very important lesson about people. Dad told me, “Don’t ever think anyone is above you or below you because we all put our pant on the same way. One leg at a time.” So keep that in mind when you think you’re not worthy of your goals, and remember, you won’t ever get to your dream if you never try.

Words of wisdom #5

"It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!" ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Sometimes it’s just easier to stay on the wheel of life like that crazy hamster. If you never try and get out of the day-to-day grunge, then however will you achieve your dream?

You’re right… it’s not going to be easy.

While learning how to fly an airplane, I continually asked myself if I would actually be able to do it. I mean... the list of things I had to accomplish was ginormous, and it was really hard! To keep this goal from seeming too overwhelming, I found it best to break the list down into smaller pieces, and work my way through them, just like I outlined in, "My First Solo Flight".

There will be times along the way that you will meet with failure, and it’s going to suck. I know it is hard to keep positive at this point, but it’s important to maintain a good attitude, and keep moving forward. Just take it one step at a time.

On your journey, keep your eyes open for opportunities that come up. Sometimes we think we have to just keep working as hard as we can and we get a little tunnel vision. That could be slowing your progress.

You have to come up for air once in awhile and see what’s going on around you. Is there an opportunity you’re missing? Is there somebody you could be meeting right now that could help you? Keep an open mind. You never know where an opportunity might come from.

Words of wisdom #6

"It's no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then."Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

As you begin to celebrate your accomplishments, you will quickly realize you are a different person than when you started.

Alice understood that the experiences we have in life will change us. With each new experience we learn and grow as a people, and this helps us to define new goals and keep the momentum going forward.

What is your next goal?

Thanks for reading!

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