Just Like Living, Flying is a Blessing

Words of hope and encouragement to our friends and families in the Michigan "500 Year Flood" area...

It seems that every flight my husband Kurt and I take offers a fresh look at the world outside the bubble we live in.

A few weeks ago, we flew over the terrible flooding from Wixom Lake that took out Edenville and Sanford dams.

It is estimated that $200 million in damage was caused to 2,500 buildings, and the devastation displaced over 10,000 people from Midland, Gladwin and Saginaw counties.

With new concerns over the drinking water quality and possible contaminates of bacteria from flooded sewage systems, and/or chemicals from Dow Chemical, it seems that our friends and families affected are paying an even steeper toll than most at this time.

For those affected, my heart aches for the losses you are undergoing right now, and it is with sincerest hope that a shiny, new future will hold you steady in the drudgery of today.

Driving or flying down to Midland every week, I see the progress being made as workers come from all over to help fix roads, gut houses, and salvage the pieces leftover from a truly horrific event.

Driving through Sanford, there are hand painted signs everywhere exclaiming, “Sanford Strong!” And after every week of progress, I understand there isn’t much that can shake a Michigander.

As the shadow of our plane now falls across the new curves in Michigan’s map lines, may the blessings of life fill you with hope for a new tomorrow.

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