How to Find Your Own New Year's Luck

I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of hearing awful news this year! From the RONA, to failing businesses, to world-wide unrest as to how to deal with it all, it is hard to maintain much hope for the coming year. Especially with so many unknowns in the way!

Since bad luck has stacked up like cordwood this past year, I’m thinking we all need a little bit of good luck in the year to come. After researching a whole slew of lucky traditions, I’m hopeful that at least 1 of these tricks will help make 2021 a fabulously-fantastic year!

Maybe you would like to try a couple too?

Midnight Kiss

As always, the traditional midnight kiss is the first way to have good luck in the New Year, so get those lips warmed up, baby! We don’t have much time left before the big night!

Ward Off Evil Spirits

Besides throwing a bucket of water out the window at midnight, making a lot of noise in celebration of the New Year’s arrival is likewise important to scare away those evil spirits. So get out the shotguns, rev up your snowmobiles, light up the fireworks, and blare your favorite loud music when the clock strikes midnight!

Invite Luck In

Sprinkle a little sugar on your doorstep to invite good, sweet luck inside for the coming year, and open the doors and windows just before midnight to allow the New Year to come in. If you need to, get your coat on so you can kick 2020 right in the tush on her way out the door!

Stash Some Cash

Are you hoping for a better more prosperous year to come? If so, grab some coins and cash from the bank before the new year arrives. You’re going to need the greenbacks to stuff in your wallet and hide under rugs, and the coins to sprinkle in every room. According to folklore, these traditions will offer a more prosperous year to come.

Besides stashing cash all over the house, superstition warns against loaning money at the start of the new year, or you may very well endure a year of bad debts!

Eat Up!

1. Eating 12 grapes at midnight offers you 12 months of good luck in the new year!

2. For as long as I can remember, we always enjoyed bean and ham soup on New Year’s Day. The tradition was passed down by my grandmother who always made black-eyed peas, and my mother who preferred making navy beans… just to make sure I’m getting the right bean for luck, I will be making 13 bean soup for New Year’s Day.

3. Enjoying a bite of Herring on New Year’s Eve is said to bring luck in the year to come. Although my husband’s grandmother always requested pickled herring for Christmas, it wasn’t until now that I understood this German tradition for good luck!

If you’re not fond of Herring, any sort of fish will do as a lucky entrée on New Year’s Day since fish only swim forward.

4. Make sure your cupboards are full while entering into the New Year so you will have full cupboards throughout the year ahead!

5. In order to keep progress moving forward, and never backwards like this crusty critter moves, I will not be serving Lobster for the start of the New Year. Likewise, chicken cooked up in any way, shape, or form, will not be gracing my dinner table at the start of the New Year in order to prevent any good luck from flying away!

Don’t Cry

This one may be a tough one on New Year’s Day, especially since the holidays tend to bring memories of loved ones passed. But superstition states that in order to have abundant happiness in the coming year, you must do your best not be sad at the start or you may very well endure a full 12 months of sadness.

Don’t Clean Your House

Cleaning your house on New Year’s Day is said to clean away all the good luck too, so hold off for the day at least!

Lucky Colors

I know, I know… it’s after Labor Day, but Brazilian’s believe that wearing white on New Year’s Eve will bring both luck and peace to your coming year. Or if you’d rather spice things up a bit, then get to digging through your underwear drawer and pick your passion for 2021. Will they be yellow for luck, red for love, or white for peace?

Lucky Charms

From horseshoes to four-leafed clovers, a lucky charm may be just what you need for the coming year ahead. Here are some ideas from around the world to help steer you in the right direction:

1. Carp scale (Poland) – keep it in your wallet for good luck until the end of the year.

2. Dala horse (Sweden) – represents strength, wisdom, faithfulness, and dignity.

3. 5 Red bats (China) – represents five good fortunes of health, longevity, love, wealth, and virtue.

4. Dolphins (Rome) – a sign of protection.

5. Elephants (India) – represents power, stability, and wisdom.

6. Figa Charm (Brazil) – repels bad energy, brings good fortune, and stores all the luck you haven’t used yet.

7. Dreamcatcher (Native America) – hang it over your bed to let only the good dreams through.

8. Hamsa (Israel & Arab Countries) – wards off the evil eye.

9. Scarab (Egypt) – represents new creation, eternal life, and protects against all evils.

10. Nazar (Turkey) – protects from the evil eye.

11. Maneki-Neko (Japan) – brings good luck.

12. Tumi (Peru) – good luck.

13. Pigs (Germany) – a sign of material wealth and prosperity indicating the owner will never go hungry.

14. Worry dolls (Guatemala) – takes over your worries and concerns so you can sleep.

15. Acorns (England) – symbol of youth, spiritual growth, prosperity, and power.

16. Four-Leaf Clover (Ireland) – symbolizes faith, hope, luck and love.

17. Horseshoe (Ireland) – the upturned horseshoe is said to ward away evil spirits.

18. Wishbone (United States) – symbol of good luck for the person who snaps off the larger half while making their wish.

19. Cornicello (Italy) – wards off the evil eye.

20. Gris-gris (Ghana) – wards off evil and maintains good luck.

21. Keys (worldwide) – symbol of fortune, liberation, and romance.

22. Laughing Buddha (India & Thailand) – offers happiness and abundance to those who rub his stomach.

23. Mano Figa (Brazil, Peru, and Italy) – protects against evil.

24. Milagros (Mexico) – for good luck.

25. Nanette and Rintintin (France) – for luck and protection.

26. Pysanka (Ukraine) – represents health, fertility, love, and wealth.

27. Rabbit’s foot (worldwide) – good luck.

Being we are all in this mess together, I do hope you will all do your part in gathering your own good luck for 2021!

Thanks so much for reading, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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