Finding Your Christmas Spirit

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

If there was an award given for the person having the most Christmas Spirit, I believe my Mom would win it… hands down!

First off, she has her house decorated to the hilt! Mom’s place is the cutest little place ever, but add her touches of holiday décor and you find yourself immersed in everything Christmas.

I mean… you could almost imagine Santa sitting by her Christmas tree waiting for the local children to stop by to let him know what they would like for Christmas this year.

Really, I’m thinking that my Mom would make the best Mrs. Claus, ever!

And there is no fighting the affects of her décor as it absorbs into your very being. As your eyes wander, discovering each and every decoration lovingly placed just so… on the tree, in the windows, on the walls, on the shelves, and YES… even outside, you start to live and breath holiday cheer.

We have even received compliments on ‘OUR’ decorations due to Mom’s special touches at the property!

It has made this Grinch’s heart expand just a little bit!

During our weekly shopping trip, we discuss gift ideas for family members. We toss ideas back and forth, adding new ones to our lists as we come up with them together in hopes of finding the perfect item for each and every person.

For the last few years, Mom has found it a little harder than years past to find something PERFECT for each of her offspring, their spouses, and those who plan to make it to the annual Christmas event. She isn’t too keen on buying gift cards, you see, as it is so impersonal. But sometimes that’s what she has to do. Especially when someone feels she needs to save her money or spend it on herself instead.

One year, she thought that maybe she should just quit trying to find everyone something. But as it turned out, the year that she pulled back the reins didn’t sit so well in her big heart, so even if I mention that she doesn’t have to get anything for anyone… she can’t do it and feel good about it.

You see… she wants to find the perfect gift for each an every one of her family, so ‘nothing for Christmas’ is NOT an option for this Mrs. Claus!

This Grinch’s heart expanded just a little bit more!

Last week, I stopped by to drop off her mail….

I walked in the door to the sound system booming traditional holiday tunes, the free Christmas Yule Log was blazing away on her big screen, and Mom happily bounced along to the music while peeling freshly made Buckeye Balls into cheerful cookie cans that she plans to give away to the ones she loves most.

The scene was so wonderful I felt my heart expanding just a little bit more as tears sprang to my eyes at this woman... my Mama. She loves so much that she must be an angel sent from the heavens!

A few days later, she texted me while I was at work. “Look what I made just for you!” she said.

She had baked up a batch of those cookies I ruined last weekend! (Click here for THAT story!) A photo of the most delicious “Chocolate Chip Dips” sat awaiting delivery to ME!!!

OMG… my Mama is such a special lady. She loves this holiday more than anyone else I know, and loves her family even more than that!

She went on to tell me what each of her darling children loved most. She knows each of us to the core, and no matter if we are naughty or nice, she still intends to give more than her whole heart could ever give… EVER!

Last Friday night, I told her that I was worried about starting our festivities too early because I’d want to go to bed too soon.

She said, “I guess you’re not like me. Family gatherings are what I live for, and I can go all night!”

This statement was absolutely TRUE!

I recall years of feeling stranded at family gatherings and reunions feeling exhausted and wanting to go HOME only to discover that Mom wasn’t ready to go yet. She never was!

This morning, my husband and I were invited down for breakfast. We enjoyed French toast, bacon, orange juice and coffee. It was delicious!

As we enjoyed our breakfast, the sunrise peeked through the clouds painting the sky in pink and purple streaks outside the kitchen window by which we sat.

Smiling, Mom said, “Look at that sunrise! A perfect morning to start the Christmas week!”

The winner of this year’s Christmas Spirit award has to go to my Mom!

Just in case we don’t tell you how much we love you, just in case we are feeling too crabby, too tired, too ornery, too grumpy, or forget to take a minute to remember just how special you are… I want you to know, I love you Mom! We all do!

Merry Christmas, Mom! I hope that your heart is overflowing with love during your favorite holiday, and the years to come.

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