Finding A Goose Deterrent That Works

After my last rant, The Revenge of Mother Goose, I complained about my precious, Yard Enforcer’s malfunctioning. Since then they have finally started cooperating... well, most of the time.

Unlike real life soldiers who may require hazard pay, these two get plenty of care. They just need to do their job and all will be good and goose free on the west shore. But the days they malfunctioned sure had me scratching my head.

"What was wrong with them?" I wondered, "And how did the geese know which one was working, and which one wasn’t?"

It seemed that Mother Goose always brought her brood ashore where we were experiencing a Yard Enforcer malfunction.

Do the units emit a high-pitched frequency when they are armed? One that human's can't hear?

Do the geese watch the Yard Enforcers for a certain amount of time to confirm they are not working before coming ashore?

Does Mother Goose send her mate in on a reconnaissance mission to test our defenses for weakness?

I'm really not sure what exactly is going on with my malfunctioning sentinels, but I DO NOT like coming home to a yard full of goose poop that my dogs can't help but devour every last drop. So I decided to buy ANOTHER goose deterring gadget. This one was highly recommended to me by my sister-in-law, so I decided to give it a try.

Looking like a giant fishing pole, this bird-of-prey kite flies protectively over our shoreline. As the wind blows the bird around, it resembles the eagles and ospreys we see hovering over the water looking for lunch.

The bird of prey kite with retractable pole is pretty cool, but I didn’t realize how long 7 meters was until we extended the pole. It’s nearly 23 feet long!

I can’t tell you for sure if this latest gizmo is worth a 5 star rating yet because we haven’t seen any geese to judge their reaction. As the masses of people filled the shorelines and lake’s surface over the 4th of July holiday weekend, I’m sure it sent the masses of geese scrambling for calmer waters. But so far, so good. I like this kite, and it’s fun to watch.

We will surely have to take it down during lightening storms, or times of high winds, but otherwise, we enjoy watching it fly.

The Extendable Bird Repeller Scarer Flying Hawk Kite Kit with 7m Telescopic Pole cost $132.79 + shipping and handling. It was very easy to install, but have already been messing with the swivels on the end of the pole so the kite doesn't get wrapped around the tip.

In comparison, the Yard Enforcers were $99.00 each + shipping and handling. Well worth the money. Unfortunately, if you want a genuine Yard Enforcer today, they are now $239.99 through Amazon and are backordered until December 8th, 2020. I’m guessing that means these things may be one of the best deterrents available.

We have since buried the Yard Enforcer hoses for ease of weekly mowing, and haven't lost the multicolored umbrella from high winds... yet! The umbrella also seems to be helping keep the heat off the southern most sentinel to prevent malfunctioning, but we will keep both and hope that FINALLY does the trick!

What Goose deterring gadgets have you tried that work?

Let me know in the comments below.

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