FINALLY... A Salsa Recipe Worth the Effort

Throw your old salsa away and make some of the good stuff!

More than a couple of decades ago, our family put together a garage sale that we were tending one summer day in June. As I complained about the handful of salsa recipes I had tried with no luck in finding the magic combination, a lady shopping at the sale had overheard the conversation and offered her help.

She asked questions about what ingredients I had used, how the salsa was prepared, and what I didn’t like about it. Then she offered to send me her secret salsa recipe if I gave her my address... and although it would be a lot of work, I would be very happy with the results.

Of course, I shared my address thinking I probably would never see the secret recipe, but the recipe card showed up in my mailbox the very next week and I have made the absolute best salsa ever since! Not only that, it figures out to be less expensive than the store-bought stuff, so it made it even more worth the effort.

Like she said, it IS a lot of work. And just so you know, there aren’t many shortcuts you can take to reap the same results. So even if you’re tempted to pulverize all of the vegetables using a food processor instead of taking the time to chop everything up by hand, the salsa just won’t turn out the same. I've tried.

It has been about 8 years since I last made this salsa. One reason it took so long was because of the graduation parties I had to plan. Then, I moved. Next, I had hurt myself in the move, and on, and on, and on…

I know, I had way too many excuses!

Finally, it was time to dig out the recipe and give ‘er a go. With mom’s help, we chopped for a full day before finishing more chopping, cooking, prepping jars & lids, then canning on the next.

Putting up 3 giant vats of the stuff because the number of requests would surely obliterate one tiny recipe of this magic elixir... After the first taste test, my husband kindly requested that we hoard the remaining jars.

The original recipe is made to be tweaked, so make it your own. Add whatever you like keeping in mind that the more varieties of peppers and onions you add, the better this salsa will taste.

Tweaks I have made include adding:

1. 2-3 jars HOT jalapenos, diced

2. all pepper varieties

3. Cilantro, fresh or dried

4. green onions

5. more garlic

6. honey in place of sugar

I hope you find this recipe as delicious as our family does.

Note: I used pint jars rather than quarts

Salsa Recipe:

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