Deer Trapped On Thin Ice

By Saturday afternoon on March 20th, Houghton Lake had been thawing out nicely around her edges, and their were plenty of open water. It was a glorious sight after a cold, dark winter, and we were betting this would be the weekend the ice would be gone.

Suddenly, my husband asked, "What is that out on the lake?"

I looked to see a blob of movement coming towards our shore. Grabbing the binoculars, I couldn't believe my eyes. A herd of deer were standing in the middle of the lake!

After taking a look in every direction, the one to the right led them south at a full out run. After about 5 minutes, they stopped and looked around. It appeared something spooked them going that way, so they turned toward the east bay and ran that direction.

Knowing the east bay had a lot of open water, I couldn't bare to watch any longer as I knew they would probably fall through the ice and drown. As my husband looked on with the telescope binoculars, he reported they were now running to the north.

I chanced another peek at the four, praying they would make it somewhere off to safety, but I couldn't imagine where! I even tried calling the DNR to see if they would/could help this small herd of deer that were frantically trying to make it to safety, but they were closed.

After about an hour of watching those deer cover just about every inch of Houghton Lake, the largest inland lake in the state, they finally made it to land on the north side near the campground.

What a relief! I wonder if they will ever try that again?

Thanks for tagging along! Look for more wildlife pics and stories to come.

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