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I first began writing feature stories in 1992 highlighting local events in Roscommon County. This experience developed into a photojournalism gig writing about the best hamburgers in northeast Michigan, which was a lot of fun being I was paid to eat hamburgers!

Learning how to create a blog while earning a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, I experimented with blog topics on photography, the crazy dog we adopted, annual holidays, and even the geese polluting our front lawn. It wasn’t until after earning my PPL in 2018 that I began writing about flying as family and friends continually asked what it was like becoming a pilot.

In joining the local EAA IMC/VMC Club, I discovered a wealth of pilot information and experiences to learn from, which has recently inspired me to start a new aviator series highlighting local pilots. You never know, maybe someone’s story could benefit others be it making safer pilots, offering flying tips, bringing back fond memories, or even helping others strive toward their own aviation goals.

Besides writing about flying, which is a wonderful subject, I enjoy writing about photography, pets, personal experiences, health and wellness, family and holidays, fishing, Michigan outdoors, lake living, and even products I've tried.

I hope you will take a look and read something fun while you're here.

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